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The Pampered Pet Spa is clean and smells better than any shop I've ever been in. Tracy is very dependable and does a great job. My dog had a bad haircut from another place and I brought her in and Tracy fixed her right up the way I had originally wanted. I'll never take my dog anywhere else again!

-Tara Mills

The Pampered pet spa is the BEST place I have ever taken my litte dog joe. I am so very blessed that we fould Tracy. She Always does a amazing job on his grooming. I have taken him to other places in the past and his hair cut either looks dumb or he is still smelly. Thank you Tracy for taking such great care of our little Joe.

-Sarah Vanleer

We have been taking our schnauzer to Pampered Pet Spa for over a year and we are extremly happy with their service. Our (Sophie) is so happy everytime she sees Tracy that it is very obvious that she loves going there and is treated like one of their own. Everytime someone sees Sophie after her haircut they always ask who did we take her to because it looks great! I would recommend to anyone that they take their pet to The Pampered Pet Spa!!!!! Her prices are very reasonable and Tracy does a great job!!

-Judy Crabtree

take their pet to The Pampered Pet Spa!!!!! Her prices are very reasonable and Tracy does a great job!!

-Judy Crabtree

I adopted a rescue dog from the animal shelter and she was very leery about being left to be groomed. Tracy was absolutely wonderful with her plus made her look so beautiful, if I could attach a photo I would. We have made numerous return visits and I am always 100% satisfied with their services!

-Nancy Zoromski

We have been taking our Bichon to The Pampered Pet Spa for nearly two years and have never been disappointed. Tracy is the best groomer in the area period. The facility is always clean, fragrant and very pet friendly. We moved here from the Dallas area and used several groomers there and Tracy's workmanship beats them all at a very competitive price. Our Bichon looks like a Bichon after being groomed and not a poodle like some groomers do. Last week we went to the Tulsa dog show and show groomers stopped what they were doing to look at our Bichon because she looked so good.

We will NEVER take our Bichon to another groomer. Tracy is our forever Groomer!!!

-Richard and Sheila Shulthesis

I have been taking my little dog in for grooming at the Pampered Pet Spa for over a year now. They are fantastic! Tracy has always worked with my lack of planning skill and works me in whenever little Leeloo needs her day of beauty ...hehe My little pup always seems happy to go, and I know that is because she feels safe with Tracy and her staff. I am always happy, because she comes home smelling good and clean...hehe I cannot recommend them high enough, should be 10 stars.

-Russ Cheatwood

I am so happy The Pampered Pet Spa is doing well and growing! I think they do a great job - and I am always comfortable leaving my Bailey with them. Thanks for doing such a great job! This is a great addition to Sand Springs!"

-Jan and Bailey Drummond

I would like to say that they do an amazing job on my golden-doodles at a great price. You guys are fabulous!

Thank you soooo much

-Melissa Mannsfield

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How long is it going to take to get my dog groomed? 

The time it takes to groom a dog depends on several things. The size of the dog, coat type, breed, style, dogs coat condition, age and experience of the dog as well as the dog’s temperament. With a typical groom the dog will first be inspected by the groomer to determine the dogs coat condition the groomer will then decide if the pet needs to be “Roughed In.” This process consist of brushing out any debris or matting, as well as trimming the dogs toe nails and around the eyes and sanitary area of the pet, if the pet has severe matting this is also the time when the groomer will clip the animals coat to remove the matted areas, this process is to ensure the animal can be washed properly. The pet will then receive a bath, expression of the anal glands, ear flushing and any additional spa treatments such as a flea shampoo or mud bath that requires the animal to soak in product for several minutes. After the bath if the animal is comfortable with the blow drying process the animal will be blow dried 70% dry then let to set in front of a drying fan until the coat is completely dry. At this time the groomer will finish clipping the animals coat and styling it according to the owners wishes. The average small breed, long haired dog with good coat condition can take from 3-4 hours. Large breeds tend to take longer as well as densely coated, severely matted animals or pets who are afraid of the blow dryer. At the Pampered Pet Spa we understand that some owners do not want to leave their pets for long periods of time, therefore we strive to give you quality service in a reasonable amount of time and as always are happy to call you just as soon as your pet is ready to be picked up. We also understand some individuals have to plan around their work schedules. We have no problems accommodating your pets until our closing hours. Tues-Fri 4:00pm; Wednesdays 6:00 pm.; Saturdays TBA. 

How old does my puppy need to be before it visits the groomer?

With most puppies the sooner they start a regular grooming schedule the better! We want the grooming process to be enjoyable for your puppy because it is something that is going to happen many times in its lifetime. Starting them out at a young age can help them to become used to the process and realize that a “day at the spa” can be fun and that we are not here to hurt them or cause them any discomfort. A typical puppy groom consists of a bath, a good brushing, a nail trim, introduction to the clippers, as well as a very basic trim of the hair around the eyes, feet and sanitary area. At the Pampered Pet Spa we are happy to see your puppy just as soon as they are protected by their second round of puppy vaccinations which should be around 8-12 weeks. Until then we recommend you spend time brushing your puppy, taking special attention to pet their feet, tummy and their ears. Even this mild exposure by you can greatly help ease your puppy’s nerves when it comes to their first visit to the groomers.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

This is a question that also depends on the breed but mostly the owner’s personal preference. You may be an owner that likes your pet shaved so that you can go longer in between grooms or you may have a very specific look for your pet and feel that they look shaggy very soon. On average a dog grows1/4--1/2 an inch of hair every month. Depending on the breed and the style you want to maintain you may want to make a standing 4 week appointment. Or if you notice your pets hair doesn’t grow as fast as some then you could come in every 6-8 weeks. However at The Pampered Pet Spa we do recommend at least every 4 weeks so that the bath will correspond with your monthly flea and tick topical treatments. For those of you that find your pet begins to smell before the 4 weeks is up we can also offer a bath only. We use a detergent free shampoo that will not remove your monthly flea and tick treatments.

What if I need my pet groomed in less than 4 hours?

We now offer express grooms by appointment. For an additional $20.00 for small breeds or 25.00 for large breeds we can assure you that your pet can be ready in 1-2 hours.

What are anal glands and why do you express them? 

Every dog has two small glands located on either side of its rectal opening. You can think of it similar to a skunks scent glands. Each gland holds a small amount of a brown, noxious-smelling liquid substance. Whenever your dog urinates or defecates, these glands receive a small amount of pressure that releases a tiny bit of the fluid along with your dog's custom-blended scent. Many dogs never seem to have a problem with their anal glands. However, bacteria can build up in the anal glands if they don't express properly, and this can lead to an infection. Some anal gland problems may be linked to the quality of pet food a dog receives. Inexpensive brands of dog food often use cereal fillers that tend to result in soft stools. The soft stool isn't able to press firmly enough against the dog's anal glands to provide the necessary pressure to express them, and there the trouble begins. Higher quality dog foods will help your pet produce firmer, more compact stools that actually help the glands express, so those foods may be a better food choice for your pet. Under most normal circumstances, the anal glands are able to function completely on their own without human intervention. However dogs with higher incident of allergies, stomach upset, elderly or over-weight dogs all can develop problems. Anal gland expression is somewhat of a controversial issue some veterinarians say unless your dog has developed a problem, it is better to avoid routine expressing of the glands. Others feel that it is better to express them during a routine bath than to risk them becoming clogged with bacteria that may potentially lead to a rupture. At The Pampered Pet Spa we are happy to do whatever is preferred by the owner. We feel if it is a young healthy puppy that is having normal bowl movements that it seems logical to refrain from expression of anal glands until the owners notice any issues. With other adult or geriatric dogs it is a service we are happy to provide. There are two methods of expression of the glands. External which can be preformed by any member of the pampered pet spa team and is the recommended routine as it is more comfortable for the pet and works well for those pet that have not yet developed any history of problems. Or internal which is best performed by a veterinary staff member. We feel that internal is better suited for dogs with a history of issues related to the anal glands such as scooting, licking, uncontrolled expression or impaction. We will not hesitate to recommend you stop by your veterinarian prior to a spa visit. Although external expression is not included in the routine bath or grooming we do not charge extra if it is requested by the owner upon each visit.

Why is it more expensive if my pet has matting of his coat or severe fleas?

Severe matting of the coat requires the animal to be completely clipped before the bathing process can occur this process is not only time consuming but the dirt and debris trapped in a severely matted coat dulls the clipper blades and scissors requiring them to be sharpened.

If your pet has a severe flea infestation than they have to be housed separate from the other pets, pre-treated with a flea bath soak and then their area has to be treated for fleas all of which is a time consuming process that requires extra supplies and manpower.